Innovate the form of international cooperation and export Chinese catering culture
Innovate the form of international cooperation and export Chinese catering culture

On April 14th, at 10:00 American time and 22:00 Beijing time, the online "International Education Seminar" held by the Association of International Educators (NAFSA) was held in Texas, THE United States. More than 300 participants were representatives from American universities. At the invitation of NAFSA, As the only representative of Asian school, Xiang Jun, the director of catering service major group, presented a wonderful cooking demonstration of Traditional Chinese food during the exhibition session. This participation in the online international conference is an innovative attempt by the university to carry out international cooperation in the face of the impact of COVID-19.


National Association of Foreign Student Affairs (NAFSA) is the largest non-profit professional Association in the world, gathering universities, international education decision makers, professionals in educational institutions and authoritative consultants. Committed to international education.

David, the moderator of the conference, first pointed out that world culture is not a melting pot or a stew. It should be a salad bowl, where each ingredient and toppings are distinguishable and retain their own flavor. Diversity is a word and words are things. As a global village in the 21st century, every resident should have the ability to get along with different cultures. The charming traditional Chinese food culture is the outstanding representative of differentiation.



Our showcase, begin at the moment, shows the teacher has noodles, dumplings, the process of making Chinese cold dish of noodles, dumplings in the process of show the cultural background, historical allusions for, at the same time the teacher around different styles of Chinese diet culture are introduced, the whole process of school foreign office Li Yu teacher provides accurate translation, Students majoring in photography provided a live broadcast guarantee. Show won the participants unanimously praised, and have been put forward for the Chinese food culture, interested in a lot of problems, such as: Chinese noodles with South Korea can fry sauce the distinction, dumplings in any ingredients for the filling all kinds of problems, such as online solutions were carried out to the teacher, can be said to be on a the popularity of the Chinese diet culture teaching. Time is short, online communication show 90 minutes soon ended, but the audience still wanting more, still express the infinite yearning for Chinese food culture, the host on behalf of a live audience expressed thanks to the teacher, at the same time hope that after the outbreak can by the international association of education workers (NAFSA) to our school to organize a field trip and communication, To satisfy everyone's curiosity about Chinese food.



Throughout the presentation on the carrier of Chinese traditional food noodles, dumplings, is content with diet culture, in the course of the evolution of food along with the rising of the Chinese people quality of life, in to the teacher attentively to all the participants carried out a story about China's food culture, in this innovative form of international communication, The school exported the Jinsong brand, Chaoyang Vocational education features and Traditional Chinese culture, opening up new ideas for innovative international exchanges and cooperation during the epidemic.






In the future, the school will continue to cooperate with the International Association of Educators (NAFSA) to explore further cooperation models.

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