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          Affected by the epidemic, the biannual external evaluation work of the hotel major of the Sino-foreign cooperative education project is conducted online. With the joint efforts of the International Cooperation Office and the Department of Accounting and Economics, the hotel professional teachers carefully prepared an introduction to the construction and development of the hotel major in the two years of 2019-2020, and organized a unique online exchange meeting and recording for the hotel majors and graduates The teaching videos of the two professional courses of "Coffee" and "Beverage Service" were displayed, the construction of the new hotel professional training base and the blueprint for the future were displayed, and the professional learning, skill club activities and on-campus of hotel students were fully displayed through short videos. Life guarantees that MODUL experts are far away, but they can still understand the situation of cooperative education in all aspects.


           On October 13th, Mr. Werner Schnabl, President of MODUL School of Tourism, Ms. Johanna Aigner, Director of MODUL University Business Development Office, Mr. Didier El Senosy, a professional hotel teacher, and Ms. Monica, Chief Representative of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, acted as the external review experts and worked with the deputy of Beijing Business School. Principal Liu Guocheng, Dean Chen Wei of the Department of Finance and Accounting, Hou Decheng, Director of the International Hotel Training Department, Wang Jin, Director of the International Cooperation Office, Zhang Qian, a teacher from the Academic Affairs Office, Li Li, a hotel professional director, and three hotel professional teachers, Yang Ju, Wu Xiaoqing, and Liu Zhe. Online meeting for external review.

         At the external evaluation meeting, Vice President Liu Guocheng welcomed the MODUL experts and reviewed the fourteen years of cooperation between the two parties. He also hoped that the external evaluation could enhance communication and understanding between the teachers of the two schools and bring inspiration to the development of the business school’s hotel profession. And guidance. Subsequently, Mr. Li Li, the hotel professional director, gave a detailed introduction on the construction of the teaching staff, education and teaching during the epidemic period, student skills training, corporate practice, student life, student employment, hotel training base construction, and cooperation vision. In the teacher discussion session, Principal Werner, Ms. Johanna and Mr. Didier discussed with hotel professional teachers in-depth professional teaching and curriculum settings, and learned about the problems encountered by hotel professional teachers in teaching. In discussions with hotel students and graduates, MODUL experts learned about the study and life of the students, as well as the employment status and career development of the graduates. Many students' English skills, good career development, and superior work platform impressed the experts.


           In addition to online introductions and exchanges, the hotel major has also prepared student skills demonstration videos, practical teaching introduction videos, teacher recording videos and hotel training center construction program demonstrations to help experts understand the development of the hotel profession more intuitively.

          On October 23, the two parties jointly opened the online meeting again. Vice President Wang Caie attended the school on behalf of the school. MODUL experts gave feedback and summaries on this external review, fully recognized the hotel professional construction results in the past two years, and is a professional hotel teacher Quality, students' achievements in skill competitions, online teaching results during the epidemic and the construction of hotel training centers are pleased, and they also made suggestions on expanding enrollment, strengthening the density of teacher exchanges between the two schools, and cooperating with higher vocational schools to improve students' academic qualifications. And hope.


         The biennial external review is a summary of the hotel professional construction in the past two years, and it is the opening of a new round of cooperation between the business school and the MODUL School of Tourism. In the future, the two parties will work together to continue to increase the depth and breadth of cooperation.

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