Beijing Jinsong Vocational High School
Beijing Jinsong Vocational High School

         Established in 1983, Beijing Jinsong Vocational High School is the first independent vocational high school in Beijing, and a window school for foreign affairs in Beijing and a pilot school for international cooperation in China. It has twelve major school professiosin tourism services, culture and arts, leisure and health care, public management and services, finance and commerce, and more than 2,000 students are enrolled.The school is located in four locations, covering an area of 158 acres, with 245 teaching staff. At present, The internship and employment rate of students remains above 96% all year round.  Jinsong is committed to cultivating innovative talents with a cross-culture vision to meet the future demand of international competition. The school has been a sister school for a dozen years with vocational colleges in Germany, France, Finland, Czech Republic, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries, and has received many foreign distinguished guests such as The Princess of Thailand and the Secretary of Education of the United Kingdom. It has hosted international vocational education forums for many times and actively participated in the "Belt and Road Initiative". As an experimental school of German Huge Teaching Modelodel, the school has deepened cooperation with various foreign schools. The ongoing Exchange and Internship programs for Chinese food majors have truly exported Chinese food culture to gourmets around the world. 

        The school is a national model school for the reform and development of vocational education, a national key vocational high school. It has a high reputation and influence in the field of international and domestic vocational education and related industries.With the mission of "achievement of teachers and students, service to the capital, and benefit to the society", all people of Jinsong are adhering to the school motto of "Character like pines, strong and promising". With the strategic theme of transformation and upgrading, win-win cooperation and quality improvement, the school will make its academic education better, its vocational experience and training bigger and stronger, so as to promote the development of "one body and two wings" and turn the school into a model base for training talents in modern service industry, for integration of industry-university-research, for innovation of talent training mode, for international exchange and cooperation, and for social training services.The school will train its students to be modern professionals who are like pine trees, with both moral and technical skills and humanistic skills. 

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